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Reflections and Happy New Year to All

As we approach the year's end, I find myself contemplating the moments that have shaped us. Each experience, whether joyous or challenging, has left its mark, molding us in profound ways. With the dawn of a new year on the horizon, I'm filled with a sense of reflection and anticipation.

In moments of quiet reflection, I wish for solace to grace our hearts. Amid life's chaos, may we discover a tranquil refuge within ourselves, a sanctuary where peace resides.

The challenges we've faced have been formidable teachers. I hope for us to find unwavering strength in adversity, drawing upon our innate resilience to confront whatever trials lie ahead.

Looking to the new year, I wish for hope to illuminate our path. Let it guide us through uncertainty, infusing our spirits with the belief that brighter days await us.

Here's to gracefully transitioning and embracing change. Let us bid farewell to the old with gratitude and welcome the new with open arms.

In this moment of transition, let's hold onto the promise of better days ahead. Let optimism be our companion, encouraging us in moments of doubt. Let us seize the opportunity that a new year brings—an untouched canvas inviting us to paint our dreams upon it.

Stepping into the unknown, let's carry the lessons learned and the memories cherished. May the past year's echoes guide us as we navigate the uncharted future.

Here's to the upcoming journey—a blank page waiting for stories of resilience, growth, and joy. Let's weave a narrative of kindness, compassion, and determination. Here's to the promise of a new year—a canvas brimming with possibilities, awaiting our touch to unveil its beauty.

Prof Tissa Wijeratne OAM


Asian Regional Consortium of Headaches


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